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– Surveillance of clinical, laboratory, zoonoses, microbiology and pharmacy data to enable disease outbreak prediction and early mitigation efforts to effectively manage outbreaks.

– Improved quality, consistency, clarity, and dissemination of communications, i.e. using AI-generated simplified reports.

– Addresses spread of misinformation or rumours and consequently, builds trust between the community, households, public and private sectors.


Antimicrobial Resistance(AMR)


– Active and passive collection of granular data from healthcare sectors (clinics and hospitals) as well as countries’ antimicrobial consumption and microbiology culture & sensitivity data.

– Track and predict AMR outbreak in real-time using data on antimicrobial usage, cluster status and cases of resistant infections enabling alert of a new organism affecting the world, future outbreaks, microbe-resistant rates.

– Countries and stakeholders can work quickly on finding ways to overcome the spread or control before a serious AMR incident takes place.

– Better antibiotic management in hospitals and countries, enables treatment recommendations to healthcare professionals ultimately reducing AMR incidences.




– Functions as a syndromic surveillance system that facilitates communication between key agencies and enables early warning and notification of an impending attack, which are crucial components to successful risk mitigation.